• A New Digital Mental Health Tool to Help Individuals Thrive During COVID-19

  • May 18, 2021

    Digital therapeutics company Mobio Interactive (MI) has developed personalised mental health therapy for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has detrimentally impacted mental health worldwide, causing increased stress, anxiety, and depression. Available on AmDTx, MI’s clinically-validated mobile platform for performance enhancement training, "The Flip Side" is a step-by-step journey that helps users discover positivity and thrive during the pandemic.


    A recent study on the impact of positive psychology on mental health has shown that a positive mindset can counteract the mental burden of the COVID-19 pandemic (Yamaguchi et al., 2020). With no foreseeable end to the negative impact of COVID-19, switching to a positive mindset can help reduce stress, anxiety, fear, helplessness, and symptoms of depression. Building positivity through guided self-care, such as that offered in “The Flip Side,” is especially supportive when primary in-person health-care is inaccessible or less available, as has been the case for people worldwide during the pandemic. This is precisely where digital therapeutics are proving crucial for addressing health-care gaps (ORCHA, 2021).


    “The Flip Side” uses mindfulness-based therapy techniques to encourage personal reflection and bring focus to positivity. The content, backed by current psychology and neuroscience research, helps individuals to grow in awareness, build stress resilience, and develop skills to turn negative thinking and rumination into positive mindfulness in the midst of uncertainty. “The Flip Side” supplements another COVID-19 journey in AmDTx, called "Facing Covid," which focuses on strengthening daily mindfulness practice to manage everyday stressors during the pandemic

    The Flip Side Journey on AmDTx

    “The Flip Side” has a total of 12 stages, each unique and focusing on different COVID-19 concerns and repercussions. The journey is led by four expert guides — Dr. Bechara Saab, Brandon Mehrgut, Brian Simmons, and Dr. Karen Williams—each of whom bring different perspective to a collective goal of inspiring positivity. Several stages of the journey begin with a short survey that encourages users to reflect on their current situation and experience, including their connection to the COVID-19 crisis, their unique stressors, and the positives that may have emerged for them during the pandemic. Following this reflection, users are introduced to new daily practices for creating a healthy lifestyle, and they are prompted to choose new positive life goals for the future.
    Aside from encouraging users to reflect on their individual situation, anonymized results from surveys within “The Flip Side” have offered key insights on how people are affected by COVID-19 in their personal and work lives. For instance, a survey asking users to consider "the greatest stressors” currently affecting them shows a diverse range of responses indicating internal and external stress from all aspects of life (see fig. 1). Results from a survey asking individuals about their connection to COVID-19 show a positive side of self-isolation, despite the challenges (see fig. 2). In taking these surveys, users develop awareness of their present situation, which helps prepare them to “flip” their outlook from negative to positive.

  • Figure 1. Results from “Consider the greatest stressors in your life right here and right now” survey on “The Flip Side” Journey. April 16, 2021. Mobio Interactive.

    Figure 2. Results from “What is your connection to COVID-19?” survey on “The Flip Side” Journey. April 16, 2021. Mobio Interactive.

  • Each stage of “The Flip Side” touches on a key message, leading users on a journey of resilience and self-improvement. During the first three stages, “The Flip Side” helps users orient themselves in the present of the COVID-19 pandemic, and introduces meditation and exclusive AmDTx tools that will help create an effective daily mindfulness practice. The journey then focuses on aspects of embodiment and being in the world, teaching users to focus on feeling, reflect on definitions of control, and build resilience for venturing out, in the face of uncertainty and risk. During the second half of the journey, “The Flip Side” guides users through mindful approaches to common pandemic struggles: isolation, sleep disturbance, and grief. Users are prompted to harness the power of the breath, and direct their energies toward compassion for self and others, as well as toward acceptance. In the final stage of the “The Flip Side,” users are challenged to focus on growth and redefine who they are in the pandemic. Answering the call for a digital therapeutic for mental health during the pandemic, “The Flip Side” helps people worldwide flourish in the new normal.

    Mobio Interactive is a digital therapeutics company that develops and commercialises clinically-validated software to enhance human performance and help prevent, measure and treat mental illness through meditation, psychotherapy and objective, benchmarked psycho-biometric tools.
    Website: https://www.midigitaltherapeutics.com


    AmDTx is a clinically-validated digital therapeutic that uses remote, objective and scalable measurements of mental health to help and treat mental illness. AmDTx is currently available in French, English, Mandarin, Dutch and German.
    Website: https://www.midigitaltherapeutics.com/amdtx