• Amanda Ma


    I am the founder and CEO of PT Consulting. I am a self-made entrepreneur, leader, mindfulness teacher and mother.

    I have learned first-hand the importance of leadership, emotional intelligence, compassion and mindfulness in the rapidly changing, fast-paced, tech-heavy, youth-centric economy that has emerged to dominate hiring practices and strategies in today’s marketplace. That has resulted in a sea-change in workforce, work ethic and corporate culture of international organisations and Chinese businesses across the China landscape and beyond. The emergence of Covid-19 has only accelerated the changes which will surface post-pandemic. Being prepared for the new normal, the new future is key to our well-being and prosperity - this is our challenge and our opportunity.

    Through these experiences, I have learned to harness and implement these success factors in my own business, in identifying top talent and in advising industry leaders and their staff.

    In working with others, whether it be my own staff, clients or audiences, I bring an optimistic assessment of real-world issues with a positive sense of resilience and in-depth engagement.