• Angela Wind


    "Mindfulness bied jou een fris perspectief op jouw situatie waardoor je gaat zien waar voor jou kansen liggen."

    My name is Angela Wind I’m a passionate mindfulness trainer based in Amsterdam. I offer mindfulness trainings in and outside of businesses. In groups and individually. Mostly in person if possible, but since 2020 I discovered the endless possibilities of online too.


    I am proudly part of the MBSR trainers team at the Centre of Mindfulness in Amsterdam for which I also work as program manager. For the Dutch collective MO Netwerk, I offer trainings to businesses that want to contribute to a better world.


    Since I finished my education in communication and marketing in 1995, I started working in the publicity industry. Firstly in magazine editorial offices, and later I moved on to book publishing.


    When I experienced my very first mindfulness training in 2007 it showed me a whole new way of relating to myself and others. It showed me my addiction to doing and it showed me there was also another much friendlier way of treating myself. It resulted in many decisions that impacted my life greatly.


    One of the biggest steps so far might be becoming a mindfulness trainer myself and saying goodbye to the publishing industry. I am now ready for the next step in joining Mobio Interactive on its mission to have an positive impact on an even larger scale: the mental health of the whole world! This excites me a lot.


    In my free time I enjoy gardening, reading, drumming, preparing and enjoying food and walking in nature.