• Dr. Annemiek Heijer​

    Advisor, Healthcare & Insurtech


    I graduated as a Medical Doctor in 1991 from Leiden University, the Netherlands. After 10 years as clinician and occupational doctor, I pivoted to General Manager of a Rotterdam Occupational Medicine Department, a post maintained for 8 years. I then spent six years running the R&D and Product Management Department at Zilveren Kruis Achmea, which is the largest private and public health insurance company in the Netherlands with 4.2 million customers. I also served on their Board of Directors during this period.

    As of 2016, I work for the Eurapco Alliance in Zurich, Switzerland, a partnership of mutual insurance companies across Europe. Recently, also I launch a Health and Innovation consulting firm in the Netherlands and now divide my time between the Netherlands, Switzerland and the rest of Europe working with health insurers, pharmaceutical companies and startups.