• Elaine Smookler


    "When we spend less time anchored in the murky past or fearful about the future, we live as fully as possible in the technicolor of the here and now.”

    As a registered psychotherapist in Ontario, Canada with a 30 year mindfulness practice, I use all my tools: as a mindfulness coach, teacher, speaker, writer, comedian, actor and singer to help demystify mindfulness, helping others to see its practical applications in everyday life, even in the darkest of days.


    Some of the well-known places I can be found offering my services are at The Hospital for Sick Children; University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies; in private practice; at Mindful Magazine (Inner Wisdom column) and eMindful.


    Occupying so many diverse areas I have been able to serve such a wide audience of individuals. I am grateful to support many corporations with employee wellness, as well as the courageous health care professionals, individuals and families adapting to the mental health challenges of the pandemic. More than ever, I feel that it's vital to bring our humor, kindness and compassion into the world. With a mindful approach, we can navigate uncertainty with gentleness, knowing that the greatest skill of all is in being open and gentle and curious with all that we encounter