• First Meditation App to Beat Active Control

  • January 18, 2019

    Today, Mobio Interactive published a peer-reviewed scientific paper that demonstrates the company's digital therapeutic outperforms active control. Compared to the control app (the "placebo") the digital therapeutic enhanced stress resilience and focus ability, while reducing overall stress. In addition, the digital therapeutic's in-app measures of wellbeing were found to significantly correlate with standardised psychological surveys, meaning the digital therapeutic can be used to provide highly scalable, medically relevant assessments of mental health. The study was conducted on 80 university students self-reporting symptoms of mild anxiety and who indicated they had limited experience with meditation. Significant effects compared to control were observed within three weeks, making this also one of the fastest acting interventions supporting stress resilience yet studied. The results were published today in the journal JMIR Mental Health, in collaboration with the Regulatory and Affective Dynamics Lab at the University of Toronto.


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    Mobio Interactive develops and commercialises clinically validated and objectively quantified software to prevent, measure and treat mental illness.


    Am Mindfulness is a mobile app that supports a personalized mindfulness practice through a diverse library of guided meditations curated by trained meditation instructors. Unique to Am is the ability to objectively and remotely quantify stress at scale with 86% accuracy in under 30 s through a mobile camera selfie video (no need for a wearable). Am is available in English, Mandarin, Dutch and German.


    The Regulatory and Affective Dynamics (RAD) Lab at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) is dedicated to understanding how emotions and regulatory responses unfold over time to determine a person's sense of well-being.