• Green Shield Canada partners with Mobio Interactive on Pilot Project to offer Canadians clinically-validated meditation programme, AmDTx

  • April 15, 2021

    Green Shield Canada (GSC) is offering plan members and dependents across Canada access to AmDTx, a clinically validated app delivering digital performance enhancement and mental health support. This offer to plan members is part of a pilot programme that was started in 2020 and is being extended this year.


    Considered a "digital therapeutic," AmDTx has high-tech features that enable Canadians to measure how each training session has specifically affected their nervous system and personal wellbeing. Dozens of professionals, including psychotherapists and mindfulness guides, deliver in-app content to support everything from cancer survivorship and stress resilience, to habit building and leadership. GSC hopes all their plan members and dependents find something to suit their needs.


    Montreal therapist and ​AmDTx Guide Dr. Julien Lacaille applauds AmDTx's French language support, noting the dearth of effective and accessible digital therapeutics in Quebec. "AmDTx is a truly unique product,” Lacaille notes, “through its sophisticated stress measurement technology and its high-quality meditation practices, it offers the francophone population a clinically validated tool to reduce stress.” Nirusan Rajakulendran, Manager of New Ventures at GSC, adds, "as Canadians experience another year filled with uncertainty, we are proud to provide AmDTx to all of our valued plan members and their dependents.”
    Thousands of sessions already completed by participating plan members provide a clear picture of improvements in wellbeing from using AmDTx. Stress reduction and mood improvement are both visible through before and after self-reports and objective measures made possible through advanced psycho-biometrics.

  • Recorded Mood Before a Session on AmDTx

    Recorded Mood After a Session on AmDTx​

  • Subjective and Objective Changes in Stress

    Anonymous aggregate data also demonstrate that many plan members engaging with AmDTx are choosing beginner content, suggesting they are new to the practice of meditation.

    Content Preferences within AmDTx

    With a rise in stress levels globally and an increase in mental health issues resulting from the ongoing pandemic, this initiative is more timely than ever, and AmDTx supports Canadians facing difficulty whether they are in isolation, on the frontline, grieving or infected with COVID-19.


    MI’s Chief of Content, Mark Thoburn, explains “for the GSC population, the most popular feature within AmDTx are our easy to follow, step-by-step Journeys.” Some of the 27 Journeys available are:


    - First Responders: First Responders is tailored to the specific needs and experiences of all first responders. Led by Gina Rollo White, an educator, COVID-19 survivor, and daughter of two first responders, the programme targets common experiences like chronic stress exposure and sleep deprivation.
    - Mindfulness Based Cancer Survivorship: A journey for cancer survivors, led by Prof. Linda Carlson and Dr. Michael Speca, world leaders on mindfulness in cancer care. This Journey focuses on using mindfulness to overcome the unique challenges faced by cancer survivors.
    - Mindful Leadership: This Journey offers the resources needed to lead a team effectively with courage and compassion. The guide, Brandon Mehrgut invites individuals to reflect inward, find inspiration from other leaders and discover ways to lead selflessly.
    - The Flip Side: A journey to face the new reality that the pandemic has thrust upon everyone. This programme is made up of 12 stages, each 5 to 25 minutes long, delivered by expert guides working closely with psychologists and neuroscientists from around the world. The Flip Side develops that incredible skill of turning any negative into a positive.


    With the endless cycle of lockdowns and a growing need for remote support throughout Canada, GSC and Mobio Interactive hope AmDTx makes maintaining a healthy mind easier than ever.

    Journeys within AmDTx

    Mobio Interactive is a digital therapeutics company that develops and commercialises clinically-validated software to enhance human performance and help prevent, measure and treat mental illness through meditation, psychotherapy and objective, benchmarked psycho-biometric tools.
    Website: https://www.midigitaltherapeutics.com


    GSC is Canada’s fourth-largest health and dental benefits provider, and is uniquely structured as a social enterprise with the purpose of making it easier for people to live their healthiest lives. From coast-to-coast, GSC service delivery includes drug, dental, extended health care, vision, hospital, and travel benefits for groups and individuals, as well as administration and benefits management services. Supported by outcomes-based sustainability strategies, advanced technology, and exceptional customer service, GSC creates innovative programs for nearly four million plan participants nationwide.
    ​Website: https://greenshield.ca
    AmDTx is a clinically-validated digital therapeutic that uses remote, objective and scalable measurements of mental health to help and treat mental illness. AmDTx is currently available in French, English, Mandarin, Dutch and German.
    Website: https://www.midigitaltherapeutics.com/amdtx

    Active GSC plan members and dependents can access AmDTx here.​