• Jack Liu ​(定澈)


    "When you direct your mind to things, you conquer the world; when you direct your mind to your heart, you liberate yourself." 

    I am a Hakka Han. The Hakka people are known as the wandering Chinese because historically they have been subjected to many forced migrations. However, unlike my ancestors, when I left my country to travel around the world in my twenties, I didn't do it because I was forced, I didn't even do it because I was in search of new experiences or different cultures and societies, I did it so that I could settle my restless mind. I was embarking on a search for the ultimate refuge where I could feel one with my spirit. This quest led me back to the university campus where I started studying Buddhism. My objective was not to just understand the Dharma, but to actually experience it.


    I was trained as an educator and the profession made me realize that I have grown most through interactions with people I have taught. Being in touch with people from all walks of life has been enriching and enlightening.


    I am currently running an educational business and teaching mindfulness and Buddhist meditation in Canada, my new home.