• Mobio Interactive’s mental health therapeutic AmDTx is now available on Loblaw’s PC Health app

  • May 18, 2021

    Rounding out its national mobile health and wellness app, PC Health, Loblaw has partnered with digital therapeutics company Mobio Interactive to deliver clinically-validated mental health support to Canadians through AmDTx.

    According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, more than 1.6 million Canadians have an unmet need for mental health-care, while one in two people experience a delay in accessing mental health services (MHCC, 2021). This dire situation has only worsened with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has placed enormous strain on both individuals and the Canadian healthcare system. The Canadian Mental Health Association reports that 77% of adults were experiencing negative emotions from the pandemic, and 41% of Canadians had expressed a decline in their mental health (CMHA, 2021).

    As the world's only clinically-validated digital therapeutic, AmDTx promises Canadians some relief. Offering a diverse selection of content addressing mental health concerns arising from every-day stressors, chronic health conditions, and even the challenges of COVID-19, AmDTx helps individuals relieve tension, build healthy habits, and enhance mental resilience. Mobio Interactive CEO and Chief Scientist Dr. Bechara Saab said "no digital therapeutic is better positioned to support Canadians, coast to coast, especially during this difficult time." AmDTx is available in five languages—including English and French —and works with virtually any mobile device, which means users will have accessible mental health support at their fingertips.

    Using mindfulness-based therapy, AmDTx is not limited to mental health; it also includes an evolving array of content for performance enhancement, offering training in leadership, decision-making, and focus-building. "Our partnership with Loblaw leverages Mobio Interactive’s pioneering work in digital therapeutics to empower Canadians to live healthier lives and improve their performance at work and at play," said Saab.