• Mental Health Toll of COVID-19 Stimulates New Collaboration in Digital Healthcare

  • April 8, 2020

    With 1.5 million confirmed cases so far, a death rate rapidly approaching 6% and total upheaval of the global economy, the furthest reaching and most consequential impact of COVID-19 is expected to be the toll on people's mental health. To directly address this, New School for Social Research and the Zurich Psychiatry Hospital have joined forces with Mobio Interactive to deliver free digital stress-resilience training to people around the world. The resilience training will primarily come in the form of carefully guided meditations accessible to everyone through the digital therapeutic, Am Mindfulness. In addition to meditation training produced specifically for those who have never before tried it, Am Mindfulness will collect data surrounding the specific situation of each person, including their incorporation of the behaviours recommended to "flatten the curve". These data will be made available anonymously to governments and healthcare experts in order to better serve communities around the world and reduce the overall impact of COVID-19.

    Mobio Interactive (MI) is a digital therapeutics company that develops and commercialises clinically validated and objectively quantified software to prevent, measure and treat mental illness.


    Am Mindfulness is a clinically validated digital therapeutic that uses remote, objective and scalable measurements of mental health to personalise resilience training. Am is currently available in English, Mandarin, Dutch and German.