• Avetis Muradyan

    Chief Technology Officer

    "No better use of software, than for the prevention and treatment of disease."

    As CTO of MI, I am responsible for our software development and technological integration, including computer vision and machine learning algorithms. Prior to joining Mobio Interactive in 2019, I cofounded and served as CTO for two proptech startups. This experience taught me important lessons, including iterative, lean operations that employ evidence-led design. At MI, we make engineering decision based on customer data instead of design theory. I am thus also an expert in data analytics, with particular versatility in understanding patient behaviour within mobile digital medicine.

    I am a graduate of the University of British Columbia with degrees in both Computer Science and English Literature. My programming experience spans from VR to Web Apps to Voice Recognition to AI. In 2014, I built one of the earliest, prototypal Google VR Arcade games, which was released on the Google Play Store. I have also created custom VR experiences for over 15 major architecture and renovation projects, including multimillion-dollar projects in throughout Asia, and architected Asia's only integrated commercial real estate leasing and asset management platform.

    I enjoy leading and motivated teams of developers and designers with my own passion for creating software experiences that feel like, and are as important as, any other experiences in life.