Giving policyholders access to clinically-validated mental wellness tools.

  • Payor collaboration is a core vertical for the distribution of Mobio Interactive's digital therapeutics.

    For years, mental health services have been siloed from general care and offered at a cost unattainable for most (WHO Mental Health Atlas, 2017). AmDTx not only reduces costs by providing clinically-validated resilience training, but also helps patients to avoid the stigma they may face when accessing help.


    Through our health insurance partners, AmDTx is now available to over 10 million fully- or partially-covered lives through forward-thinking and innovative partners including:

  • What we offer

    ✓ Delivery of clinical resilience training at scale

    ✓ Objective data insights and resilience content preferences

    ✓ Full backend integration for policyholder verification

    ✓ A digital biomarker SDK and psychotherapy library API that plugs into existing systems



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  • Partnership Models

    Preferred Pricing

    Accelerate adoption of preventative measures by becoming an authorised distributor of AmDTx.

    Bulk Licensing

    Flexibly deliver AmDTx to plan members via marketing and insurance product integration.

    Service Upgrade

    Augment any existing digital tools with objective quantification of wellbeing through our SDK.

  • Plan Member Testimonials

    "… The phone app makes me take at least 15 minutes a day to stop and relax from the stressful day which is awesome. It also helps to cope with stress by controlling my breath in which I find it very useful."

    "… The app is well design that provide really good guidance in meditation…"

    "…whenever I used the app the first thing in the morning it helped me start of my day right and helped me overall have a positive attitude throughout the day. If I used in the before going to bed it helped me sleep better at night."