• Digitally-enabled pharmacotherapy and theragnostics.

  • The greatest challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry today include changing customer expectations, increased self-medication, difficulties in identifying novel medicines for incurable diseases, high payer scrutiny of pharma-economic performance, the trend for governments to favour prevention over treatment, and access to emerging markets. Partnering with MI will help turn these challenges into opportunities.


    What we offer

    • Development of clinical psychotherapy interventions for multiple indications
    • Intervention delivery at scale via an engaging mobile platform
    • Objective quantification of efficacy in real time, without the need for a wearable
  • Partnership Models

    Rx + DTx pairing

    Improve efficacy & patient experience

    Accelerate market access & reimbursement

    Standalone DTx

    Generate compound-agnostic revenue

    Access actionable patient data

    Clinical endpoints

    Capture objective biometrics remotely

    Augment mental wellbeing assessment

  • Patient Testimonials

    "…it was helping me get through my post cancer treatments and my cancer that has been a very very rough journey."

    Ms. Jacobs, breast cancer survivor (double mastectomy)

    "... this [digital therapeutic] forced me to block out the world and say okay, this moment is mine right now, and I'm going to enjoy this moment for myself."

    Mr. Doer, testicular cancer survivor (chemotherapy)

    "…I felt like it was an actual meditation – like they were actually there with me."

    Ms. Edwards, kidney cancer survivor (immunotherapy)


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