• Computer Vision Scientist

  • You will

    Provide effective and accessible healthcare to every human
    - Develop algorithms that predict stress, mood and mental health
    - Augment existing facial analysis algorithms by sampling from the cheeks, forehead, eye musculature and blood-distribution in the face
    - Work directly with MI’s founders within a young, energetic, focused and highly motivated team

    You have

    - Passion for data-driven excellence
    - Unshakable integrity as required to work in healthcare
    - Commitment to a transparent idea meritocracy


    - Minimum two years experience with computer vision development (in academia and/or industry)
    - Experience with facial detection, recognition and analysis is highly desirable
    - Strong understanding of mathematics
    - Adherence to well documented and maintainable code


    - Proficiency in C++ and C#

    You will be

    - Compensated relative to experience
    - Working from anywhere in the world, but must be open to relocating to Singapore

    To apply

    - Send letter of interest and CV by email to mi@mobiointeractive.com with the subject header “MI Computer Vision 2020”